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Aizawl 141758

Typical small shop units, there are many like this along this road. This was Chr..

Electric Aizawl 12..

Due to the abundance of wires just all over the place here, I decided to feature..

Aizawl 0842

Higgledy piggledy, a typical approach to building here.

Aizawl 1095

Bricks and plumbing, stop taps etc. All part of the visual features contributing..

Aizawl 1080

Many burial grounds are closely located around the dwelling houses. They are usu..

Aizawl 0837

Aizawl is built on mountain peaks, often quite steep. Houses are generally suppo..

Aizawl 0844

View from a roadside, looking down a steep slope.

Aizawl Steps 0858

Steps down to the next level of the city. These kinds of stairs are all over the..

Aizawl 0959

The poster referencing HIV/AIDS is a common site in Aizawl. The incidence of HIV..

Aizawl 0961

Corrugated metal is a popular choice for roofing and even walls of the buildings..

Aizawl Power Lines ..

Electric wires are as much a part of the character of the Aizawl as the busy nar..

Aizawl Pharmacies 1..

On Hospital Road, opposite the Civil hospital, there is a string of pharmacies. ..

Aizawl Pharmacies15..

On Hospital Road, opposite the hospital, there is a string of pharmacies. Every ..

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