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Street in Alte 0073

Alte village street

Cafe Artwork, Alte ..

Close view of the cafe mural in Alte village

Alte Church Door007..

The door of the church building in Alte.

Alte Church 0070

Village Church, Alte.

Alte Village 0061

This lovely cafe in the village of Alte has an amazing eye-catching exterior, an..

Albufeira Town Hall..

This is a real showy statement building. 

Albufeira 0147

A small secluded beach, known only to a few, at Albufeira.

Albufeira 0135

Beautiful sculptural sandstone rocks adorn this part of the Algarve coast.

Hang Gliding 0116

Hang gliding at Albufeira.

Statue of Martyrdom..

In this photo you can see the statue of St. Vincent who was burned to death. 

Church in Old Town ..

A mass was in progress here when I took this photo.

Old Town Albufeira ..

A street in Albufeira Old Town

Old Town Albufeira ..

The old hospital, Albufeira.

Old Town Albufeira ..

In the Old Town, Albufeira, with the old hospital in the centre of the picture.

Old Town Albufeira ..

Looking down at the beach at Albufeira Old Town.

Old Town Albufeira ..

View from the beach at Albufeira Old Town

Old Town Albufeira ..

Albufeira Old Town from the beach.

Old Town Albufeira ..

Albufeira Old Town

Beach and Old Town ..

Albufiera Old Town, from the beach

Beach and Old Town ..

Sandy beach and Albufeira Old Town.

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