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Sleeping Giant from..

The Sleeping Giant, also known as Inis Tuaisceart, or the Fear Marbh (dead man),..

Clogher 3706

On Cosán na nEighe, Clogher, on the Dingle Peninsula, viewing Inis Tuaisceart (S..

Clogher 3704

In the Clogher area, on the walk - Cosán na nEighe, (Cosán na Nae) with Inis Tia..

Inis Tuaisceart and..

The Sleeping Giant, (Inis Tuaisceart), seen here from a boat, with the rock at t..

Sleeping Giant 5079

Inis Tuaisceart AKA The Sleeping Giant, or The Dead Man, viewed from Clogher Bea..

Inis Tuaisceart 737..

Sunset behind Inis Tuaisceart, AKA the Sleeping Giant, also AKA The Dead Man (Fe..

Inis Tuaisceart fro..

Inis Tuaisceart, AKA The Sleeping Giant, of the Blasket Island group, from Mount..

Clogher Beach 77

Clogher Beach, Dingle Peninsula, with a powerful storm surge coming in from the ..

Clogher Beach 123

Massive waves at Clogher Beach, Dingle Peninsula.

Clogher Beach 37

Clogher Beach, on a rough day. 

Clogher Beach 33

Clogher Beach.  Different sizes available.

On Clogher Beach 10

The familiar shape of Inis Tuaisceart can be seen from Clogher Beach. It is one ..

Wild Wintry Day, Du..

December, Dunquin coast, with view of Inis Tuaisceart to the right, and Great Bl..

Clogher Beach 089

On Clogher Beach. Different sizes available.


This photo shows Couminole Beach (Coumeenoole), Dunmore Head, and the Island Ini..

Inis Tuaisceart

Inis Tuaisceart in the sunset, from Dunquin, County Kerry.

On Great Blasket 04..

A view of Inis Tuaisceart from Gt. Blasket Island. 

Inis Tuaisceart fro..

On that day a small cloud seemed to form several times over Inis Tuaisceart, whi..

On Clogher Beach wi..

ORIGINAL SOLD. View from Clogher Beach, Dunquin, on the Dingle Peninsula. The Is..

Rough Day on Cloghe..

One of many rough days on Clogher Beach on mainland, Dingle Peninsula, with Inis..

Rough Sea with Slee..

Stormy Sea on Clogher Beach with Inis Tuaisceart in the background. Original sol..

View from Cruach Mh..

View from the top of Cruach Mhárthain, with Inis tuaisceart (the Sleeping Giant)..

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