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Photos of the County Limerick area in the West of Ireland

These first photos I have taken of this area, are of the port of Foynes, when I was passing through and stopped briefly to take a short walk. I have often passed through, and wanted to stay a while, because the village looks so interesting. I hope to find time to explore it more in the future.

Foynes has a significant aviation and maritime history and was once the last port of call on the eastern Atlantic for flying boats as it became the centre of the aviation world from 1939 to 1945. There is now a Flying Boat and Maritime Museum in the village.

Many of my photos are available in different sizes from A4 (12 x 8 inches) upwards. If you are interested in sizes different from those stated please contact me. Framing can be arranged but framed photos with glass are not suitable for posting. They can be collected from my gallery near Dingle, County Kerry.

All photos are individually printed with quality long lasting pigment inks.

Foynes Port 9709

The red glow of the evening sunlight illuminate these industrial structures, con..

Foynes Port 5263

Boats at Foynes Port

Foynes Railway Buil..

Foynes Railway Station, now unused, but buildings remain, perhaps they will be r..

Foynes Port 5251

The colours on this door attracted me.

Foynes Port 5242

Foynes Port

Foynes Port 5239

Foynes Port on the SHannon Estuary.

Foynes Port 5240

Foynes Port on the SHannon Estuary.

Foynes Port 5236

Foynes Port on the SHannon Estuary.

Foynes Port 5233

Foynes Port on the SHannon Estuary.

Foynes Island 5231

Foynes Island, in the SHannon Estuary.

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