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Photos of Iceland, showing some of the stunning landscape of the country and the interesting architecture of Reykjavik

It's no secret that Iceland is a very beautiful and interesting country. Many people are aware of its visual beauty, the magnificent waterfalls, geysers, the geothermal energy that is utilised in heating the buildings and hot water, the stunning views of the northern lights, the midnight sun… and much more. In my short stay there I captured only some of the country's delights. I was not surprised at the beauty of what I saw in the landscape, nor was I disappointed. It was very different from Ireland, my own country. The biggest surprise for me was the number of beautiful and elegant buildings made with corrugated iron and steel. I always thought of these materials as intended for cheaply constructed farm buildings and most often just used for roofs; I'm also aware of their use in shanty towns in poor countries, but I was so surprised and impressed to see how it was used in the older style buildings in Reykjavik.

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Iceland Photos

Landscapes of Iceland, and photos of Reykjavik.There may be more sizes available than shown on the image information. Please use the contact link above for more details. All photos are individually printed with quality long lasting pigment inks...

Paintings of Icelan..

Here are paintings of some of the wonderful scenery of Iceland. ..

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