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Paintings of the Skellig Rocks for sale: Skellig Michael, the Small Skellig and the Lemon. Images of ancient Beehive buildings on The Large Skellig Rock.

Paintings of The Skellig Islands. Skellig Michael and The Small Skellig, are two huge and spectacular looking rocks standing in the Atlantic Ocean about 12 km southwest of Valentia Island, off the Iveragh Peninsula, County Kerry.

It was on Skellig Michael, the large Skellig, that early Christian monks created a monastic settlement, in the sixth century AD, on which the monks survived for about 300 years, through many hardships, including Viking invasions. Their buildings are known as beehives, a once popular form of building in parts of Ireland.

The Small Skellig is also famous because of the 27,000 pairs of gannet nesting there, making it the second largest gannet colony in the world. Both Rocks have an abundance of bird life.

There is another smaller and lesser known Skellig Rock in the group, known as The Lemon, which can be seem from some views on the mainland.

These islands are now designated a UNESCO World Heritage Site. 

Skellig Michael was used in the filming of Star Wars - The Force Awakens, amid many complaints about damage to wildlife and antiquities.

The Skelligs

The Three Skelligs in the warm light of the evening. ORIGINAL SOLD. Prints avail..

The Skelligs

The Three Skelligs. 

The Skellig Rocks

The three Skelligs, Skellig Michael, Small Skellig and The Lemon

Skellig Rocks from ..

The Skellig Rocks. The largest of the two is regarded as a world heritage site. ..

Skellig Michael

ORIGINAL SOLD. Prints available. Please enquire

Skelligs 4

On Skellig Michael among the beehive buildings

Sceiligs 2

On Sceilig Michael. Prints available, also original picture

Skellig 5

On Skellig Michael among the beehive buildings viewing the Little Sceilig Rock. ..

Skellig Beehives 3

Beehive Buildings of the ancient monastic site, on Skellig Michael off the coast..

The skelligs 2

SOLD The Skelligs as seen from St. Finian's Bay.

The Skelligs 1

A view of the Skelligs Rocks as seen from St. Finians Bay. Original and prints a..

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