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Paintings of the incredibly beautiful Blasket Islands: Great Blasket Island, Beginish Island, Inis Tuaisceart and more, for sale

The Blasket Islands are the most westerly islands in Europe. They are are a group of Islands off the coast of the Dingle Peninsula, County Kerry Ireland.

Great Blasket Island is the largest of this island group, renowned for it's abundant wildlife, particularly sea birds, it's scenic beauty, and it's interesting history. It is also famous for the many acclaimed writers who emerged from the vibrant community of people who once lived there. Their written accounts of life on the island are now considered to be classics of literature, and there are translations of these books in many countries of the world. The once thriving community of 150 or more people declined, as emigration, mainly to the USA, took it's toll on the population, and when the Island was finally vacated in 1953 there were only 22 people living on the Island. The islander's homes fairly quickly fell to ruin, only a few of them have been maintained by their owners who use them for summer visits.

In recent years the Office of Public Works have reconstructed some of the houses. 

To spend a day on the island feels like a great privilege - walking amongst the ruins, paddling on the beach under the watchful eyes of the seals and sea birds, walking the length of the island to marvel at the views of the other islands and mainland and enjoy the peace and tranquillity away from traffic. To spend a night or two is totally magical, to observe the changing colours of the sunset, listen to the whispering sounds of the sea and the gentle summer breeze, have a glass or two of wine beside a turf fire and ponder at the lives of the people who once lived there, with their language, music, dance, and also their many hardships. As midnight approaches one can experience the unforgettable cacophony of the Manx Shearwater returning in their thousands to their colonies.

PAINTINGS AND SLIDES CAN BE VIEWED IN MY GALLERY. It's just off the Slea Head Scenic route, between Brick's Pub and the Dingle Peninsula Hotel. Paintings and prints can also be purchased online. Can be shipped abroad. PLEASE ENQUIRE. 

On Great Blasket Is..

Two people appear very small in the picture to show the scale of those cliffs.  ..

Blasket Islands fro..

Great Blasket Island and Tiaracht are in this view from the mainland.

Great Blasket Islan..

Old derelict cottage on Great Blasket Island, in warm evening light. The mainlan..

Blasket Ruins

Some of the ruins of the old traditional homes on Great Blasket Island. The even..

Stormy Waves

SOLD. Stormy water. The island in the distance is the iconic Sleeping Giant, Ini..

West Coast

Big painting.  Rugged coastal view with Inis Tiaracht, one of the Blasket Island..

Blasket Islands

SOLD.  Big painting. Great Blasket, Inis Tiaracht and Inis Tuaisceart (Sleeping ..

Blasket Islands fro..

The Blasket Islands as seen from Béal Átha, Ballyickeen, Dunquin

Beginish Island fro..

Beginish Island viewed from Great Blasket Island, with the mainland in the dista..

Great Blasket Islan..

View of Great Blasket Island as the evening sun drops low, viewed from Ballyicke..

On Great Blasket Is..

The island returns to nature, with remains of Island homes, sheep grazing, and t..

Great Blasket Eveni..

On Great Blasket Island, showing the ruins of the villagers' homes, and the ..

Evening Sun on Grea..

SOLD. The Colours of the setting sun across the landscape of Great Blasket and B..

Blasket Island Ruin..

SOLD. This oil painting shows the ruined dwellings of the people who once lived ..

Evening Light on Gr..

SOLD. The Island and mainland Dunquin are bathed in the warm colours of the sett..

View From An Tra Ba..

View from the Trá Bán beach on the Island looking towards Sybil Head on the main..

Rough Day on Cloghe..

One of many rough days on Clogher Beach on mainland, Dingle Peninsula, with Inis..

On Great Blasket Is..

SOLD Some of the many ruins of Blasket homes, with the small Island of Beginish ..

Great Blasket Islan..

Ruins on the Island with the Beach (An Trá Bán) in the background.

Evening Light on Gr..

SOLD. The warm colours of sunset on Great Blasket Island and mainland with Dunmo..

On Great Blasket Is..

SOLD. The last rays of evening sun on the island, casting a red glow on the ruin..

Walking the Ridge o..

Walking on the humpy ridge of Great Blasket Island and facing the mainland.

On Clogher Beach wi..

SOLD. The Sleeping Giant, (Inis Tuaisceart), an iconic island of the Blasket Isl..

Man on Gt Blasket V..

A figure of a man stands on the cliff edge looking out to sea, with the Tiaracht..

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