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Photos of the High Atlas region of Morocco, including Mount Toubkal.

These photos of Morocco were mainly taken in the High Atlas region in 1988, before digital photography. I have several small photo prints from that trip and I have scanned and enlarged them. The quality may not be as good as from a modern digital camera, but they are not bad, and I have decided to offer them for sale, in 12 x 8 inch size. 

Enquiries very welcome. I also welcome any information regarding exact location, as I am a bit hazy on place names after a long time.

More photos to be uploaded. Please come back.

On Mount Toubal 181

The warm sunshine melts the snow and forms lovely sculptural effects, on the slo..

On Mount Toubal 180

The melting snow forms some interesting sculptural effects on Mount Toubkal.

Village on a mounta..

A Berber village steps down a mountain side, the terraced fields lie below and a..

High Atlas Café Sh..

One of a number of shops in a poor rural area in the High Atlas mountains. Apart..

High Atlas 130

Beautiful colour in the High Atlas landscape.

River on Mount Toub..

A freezing cold river coming from the melting snow on Mount Toubkal.

Mountain Shops

Mountain shops for the tourist trekkers on the way up Mount Toubkal.

Carrying loads 2

Local Berber women carrying loads down the mountainside, as another stops to con..

Carrying loads

Local Berber women carrying loads down the mountainside.

High Atlas 33

Local children in red in the High Atlas Landscape.

Poppies in a Wheatf..

Vibrant red poppy flowers in a field of wheat.

Evening Landscape 2..

Evening light on the High Atlas Landscape.

Village Rooftops 28

Looking down on village rooftops.

High Atlas 260

Terraced farming in a harsh landscape.

High Atlas 25

Yellow flowers in the High Atlas landscape.

High Atlas Tree

A solitary tree graces the red earth landscape in the High Atlas mountains of Mo..

High Atlas 18

Fertile green valley with bare mountain sides rising up from the valley.

Mountain Path

Mountain path, with people trekking - the figures are small and not easily seen ..

Aroumd, High Atlas ..

Aroumd (or Aremd), one of several Berber villages in the area.

High Atlas 70

A green valley lies within the colourful mountains of the High Atlas.

High Atlas 6

The snowy landscape of the mountain tops

High Atlas 5

Village homes appear to come down in steps on the slope of a mountain.

High Atlas 26

Up high in the colourful landscape of the High Atlas Mountains in Morocco

High Atlas 8

A group of tourists walking in the colourful landscape of the High Atlas mountai..

High Atlas 20

Trekkers on the mountain above a village house, from which a Berber man stands l..

High Atlas 21

Mountain landscape, with tree.

High Atlas 22

A group of trekkers arriving at a village in the High Atlas Mountains.

High Atlas 170

Village houses in the High Atlas Mountains.

Mountain Village an..

A Berber village is perched on a mountain side with its terraced fields below. W..

High Atlas Village ..

A village and terraced agriculture in the High Atlas Mountains.

High Atlas 15

Travelling along a narrow mountain road on a steep mountain side in the High Atl..

High Atlas 120

A village with its terraces in the High Atlas Mountains

High Atlas 100

Trekking in the High Atlas Mountains

Village Rooftop, Hi..

On a village rooftop, the tourists are settling in for the evening.

High Atlas 180

Cloud and sunny patches ride over this mountain landscape and Berber village and..

High Atlas 17

A hazy atmosphere settles on the mountain backdrop to this Berber farmland.

High Atlas 16

Looking down into this valley of village houses and farmed terraces, nestling in..

High Atlas 13

Farmed terraces cling precariously to the slopes of theses steep mountain sides...

High Atlas 11

A tourist stands with an amazing backdrop, admiring the beautiful landscape.

High Atlas 10

In this photo you can see that many of the terraces have become barren. Terraces..

High Atlas 12

A fertile valley nestles at the foot of some steep and barren mountains.

High Atlas 7

A lovely green valley in this High Atlas landscape.

High Atlas 3

Berber villages and terraced farmland grace this High Atlas landscape.

Berber Villages, Hi..

Two Berber villages, one clinging to the mountain side and one down in a fertile..

High Atlas 14

It's possible that the snow covered mountain here is Mount Toubkal. I would ..

High Atlas Landscap..

Bare snow capped mountains of the High Atlas range, with terraces and lush green..

Ouanesekra, 11

The village of Ouanesekra, with its typical Berber dwellings and terraces on the..

Aroumd, 3

Approaching Aroumd (AKA Aremd), a typical Berber village, in the High Atlas Moun..

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