Tag: wild flowers

Loosestrife 9231

Loosestrife, very common in Ireland, a beautiful flower when seen in profusion. ..

Meadow Sweet 9219

Meadow Sweet, a tall and beautiful scented wild flower, very common in fallow fi..

Andros 10

Rural landscape.

Andros 24

Andros landscape with colourful wild flowers and ripe grasses rocking in the bre..

Andros 25

Mountain landscape.

Andros 28

Colourful shrubs in the landscape of Andros.

Andros 32

Rural landscape.

Andros 36

A remnant of an old stone house stands in this landscape on Andros.

Andros 37

A church on the side of a terraced mountain in Andros, with wild flowers in the ..

High Atlas 25

Yellow flowers in the High Atlas landscape.

Wild Flowers in a C..

Down a country lane in Ballyferriter, with beautiful wild flowers.

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