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Fishing Boats at Di..

An early morning sun illuminates the fishing boats at Dingle Harbour, which are ..

Boats in Zygi Harbo..

December golden sunlight in Zygi Harbour, under thunderous clouds, illuminate th..

Fishing Boat at Zyg..

The sun was setting and the sky was dark and threatening, at Zygi Harbour, and t..

Dingle Fishing Boat..

Golden evening sunlight shining on the fishing boats in Dingle Harbour

Fishing by the Yark..

[size=2]Yarkon River, with a man fishing at the riverside.[/size]

Ballinskelligs Fish..

Beautiful tranquil scene in Ballinskelligs with a fishing boat on the bay

Fishing Boats in Di..

The evening sun shining on the fishing boats in Dingle Harbour.

Sea of Nets

The spread of fishing nets here reminded me of the surface of the sea.

Nets and Chains 56

Fishing paraphernalia In the fishing harbour of Dingle, County Kerry.

Nets and Chains 57

Patterns and textures in fishing paraphernalia, at Dingle Harbour, West Kerry.

Fishing Nets 86

Dingle fishing nets.

Fishing Nets 67

Colourful Dingle fishing nets.

Ventry Fishing

A group of people were fishing together on Ventry Beach.

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