Tag: fertile valley

High Atlas 18

Fertile green valley with bare mountain sides rising up from the valley.

High Atlas 180

Cloud and sunny patches ride over this mountain landscape and Berber village and..

High Atlas 17

A hazy atmosphere settles on the mountain backdrop to this Berber farmland.

High Atlas 16

Looking down into this valley of village houses and farmed terraces, nestling in..

High Atlas 13

Farmed terraces cling precariously to the slopes of theses steep mountain sides...

High Atlas 10

In this photo you can see that many of the terraces have become barren. Terraces..

High Atlas 12

A fertile valley nestles at the foot of some steep and barren mountains.

High Atlas 7

A lovely green valley in this High Atlas landscape.

High Atlas 3

Berber villages and terraced farmland grace this High Atlas landscape.

Berber Villages, Hi..

Two Berber villages, one clinging to the mountain side and one down in a fertile..

High Atlas Mountain..

A fertile valley lies deep between the mountains of the High Atlas

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