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View from Dunmore H..

Viewing the Blasket Islands from Dunmore Head/

View from Dunmore H..

Viewed from Dunmore Head, the Blasket Islands are in the distance.

View from Dunmore H..

Walking on the top of Dunmore Head, looking north.

On Dunmore Head 791..

Standing on Dunmore Head, with an ancient ogham stone.

Dunmore Head 8455

Dunmore Head, on the Dingle Peninsula, from a boat.

Dunmore Head 39

Dunmore Head, on the wonderful Slea Head Drive.

Dunmore Head and Gr..

Dunmore Head on the mainland with Great Blasket Island, viewed from Ballyickeen,..

On Great Blasket Is..

Looking towards Dunmore Head on the mainland, with the sun lighting up the foreg..


This photo shows Couminole Beach (Coumeenoole), Dunmore Head, and the Island Ini..

Blaskets from Mt. E..

View of the Islands and Dunquin fields. The heather is in full bloom.  

On Blasket Island 0..

Viewing Dunmore Head on the mainland.Available in different sizes/

Dunmore Head from G..

Viewing Dunquin and Dunmore Head from Great Blasket Island, off the Dingle Penin..

Ruins on Great Blas..

On Great Blasket Island among the ruins with Dunmore Head and Dunquin on the mai..

Dunquin Evening 122

Coming down the Clasach, with Dunmore Head in view.

Evening on Great Bl..

Golden sunlight in the evening on Great Blasket Island. The mainland is across t..

Last Rays of Sun on..

The setting sun casts a red glow on the highest point of mainland, while still s..

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