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Conor Pass on a Feb..

Mountains and lakes from Conor Pass, in winter colours.

Mount Brandon on a ..

Mount Brandon from Conor Pass, in winter colours.

Conor Pass

View from The Conor Pass. Chalk pastels Available as a print only.

Loch na Lice, Mt Br..

Loch na Lice, one of the many beautiful lakes, seen from the Conor Pass, near Di..

Mount Brandon from ..

Mount Brandon and corrie lakes, enveloped in a mist, viewed from the Conor Pass.

Mount Brandon 1

Mount Brandon, with Corrie Lakes, as seen the from Conor Pass, near Dingle. A st..

Conor Pass 36

View from The Conor Pass, or An Chonair, as it is known in Gaelic.

Painting of Conor P..

An Chonair. On the Conor Pass near Dingle viewing some of the many beautiful cor..

Conor Pass 13

The clouds cast dark shadows over the land, creating an ever changing vista.Avai..

Corrie Lakes 226

View of corrie lakes from Conor Pass, Dingle Peninsula.

Corrie Lakes

View of corrie lakes from Conor Pass

Corrie Lakes 15

Corrie lakes as seen from the Conor Pass

Loch na Lice

View of Loch na Lice from the Conor Pass. This lake is one of the most beautiful..

Mount Brandon Lakes..

On the Conor Pass, near Dingle, viewing Mount Brandon and some of the beautiful ..

Conor Pass 2

Viewed from the Conor Pass road on the way to Dingle. There are several beautifu..

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