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Béal Bán February s..

A swimmer in February prepares to meet a large wave.

Béal Bán Beach 0678

Pale evening light, Ballyferriter.

Béal Bán 0167

The sunlight illuminates a breaking wave. Carraig Dubh (Black Roack) is the rock..

Béal Bán 0194

On Béal Bán beach in Balliferriter, a few miles from Dingle town.

Stormy Waves Béal B..

On Béal Bán Beach, Ballyferriter, on a stormy day.

Rainbow, Béal Bán 1..

Rainbow on Béal Bán Beach, Ballyferriter, Dingle Peninsula.

Rainbow, Béal Bán 1..

Rainbow on Béal Bán Beach, Dingle Peninsula.

Cows Grazing 9591

Just beside the beach and with a beautiful view, cattle are grazing peacefully.

On Béal Bán Beach 7..

Béal Bán Beach (White Mouth), Ballyferriter.

Mount Brandon with ..

Mount Brandon, snow capped with a little rainbow seen from Béal Bán Beach (White..

Béal Bán Beach 7427

Lovely lacy patterns on the surface of the energetic Atlantic Ocean, on Béal Bán..

Béal Bán, Smerwick ..

Stormy day at Béal Bán Beach

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