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Andros 14

This circular enclosure intrigued me; I couldn't find out what its purpose was. ..

Andros 10

Rural landscape.

Andros 11

Mountainous landscape, not far from Batsi. I don't know what the circular struct..

Andros 12

Mountain terraces on Andros.

Andros 13

Mountain landscape on  Andros with church

Andros 33

An ancient stone building stands in the shrubbery of the Andros landscape.

Andros 15

Rural homes in the mountain landscape of Andros Island.

Andros 16

Mountain landscape.

Andros 18

Scattered homes in the mountain landscape of the Island of Andros.

Andros 19

Mountain roads winding through the landscape of Andros.

Andros 24

Andros landscape with colourful wild flowers and ripe grasses rocking in the bre..

Andros 25

Mountain landscape.

Andros 25

Terraced mountain landscape, Andros, Greece.

Andros 27

A church sits on the terraced landscape of Andros island.

Andros 28

Colourful shrubs in the landscape of Andros.

Andros 29

Andros mountain landscape.

Andros 30

Landscape of the Island of Andros.

Andros 32

Rural landscape.

Andros 34

Village homes on a steep mountain side.

Andros 35

I like the steps to the roof (now missing) on this ruin of an old stone house in..

Andros 36

A remnant of an old stone house stands in this landscape on Andros.

Andros 37

A church on the side of a terraced mountain in Andros, with wild flowers in the ..

Andros 48

Andros landscape, in the dry summer weather.

Andros 49

Andros landscape, in the golden, dry summer weather.

Andros 1

Andros flowers, in summertime

Andros 2

Andros landscape, in summertime

Andros 37

Wildflowers and shrubs in the natural landscape on the island of Andros. 

Andros Evening

On the Greek Island of Andros, with wild broom and terraced hills.

Wildflowers on Andr..

Wildflowers and broom in bloom on Andros Island.

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