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Cyprus 0465

One of the 108 dams and reservoirs in Cyprus, in this aerial shot, coming in to ..

Leaving Dublin Aeri..

Early on a December morning, leaving Dublin, Ireland.

Mediterranean Aeria..

Probably over a bit of Turkey, in this shot.

Mizoram Aerial 1455..

On a flight to Aizawl, Mizoram.

Mizoram Aerial 2019

On a flight from Kolkata to Aizawl, via Imphal. I couldn't be exactly sure where..

The Alps 0407

On a journey from Dublin to Cyprus in December 2019. One isn't always lucky to s..

The Alps 0418

Another plane flies past, in this aerial photo.

Alps 1049

The snow topped alps, December 2016

Alps 1955

The snow topped alps in the afternoon sun, with a thin cloud cover, December 201..

The Alps 13

December 2016 view over The Alps.

Clouds 1

Taken from a plane.

Sky view of Alps

This one shows a glimpse of the Alps

Sky view 1

Taken from an aeroplane.

Sky view 2

Taken from an aeroplane.

Sky view 3

Taken from an aeroplane.

Sky view 4

Taken from an aeroplane.

Clouds 1

Taken from an aeroplane.

Alps 1


The Alps 2

The snow topped Alps, from a plane.

Alps 8


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