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Paintings, including seascapes and images of the gorgeous coastal scenery of the Dingle Peninsula, County Kerry, in the South West of Ireland.

Paintings from 2018 to 2024. Many images inspired by the magnificent Atlantic coastal drama of the Dingle Peninsula, County Kerry and other subjects.  This category includes many large canvases.

MY GALLERY IS OPEN TO VISITORS, but orders can be taken online and paintings shipped. The location is just off the Dingle Peninsula Slea Head scenic route, 1st left about one kilometre past Brick's Pub. Phone 087 1352278. Directions on Google maps.  Visitors are always welcome, whether to buy or just to browse. 


Rathinane Castle 74..

A ruin of a tower house, originally owned by the once powerful Fitzgerald family..

Blasket Island Home..

On Great Blasket Island. 

Tiaracht and Sleepi..

SOLD. A view from along the Cosán na nÉighe, Clogher, Ballyferriter

Foamy Sea Patterns ..

A wave rises on the patterns of the foam on the water left by the previous waves..

Crashing on the Roc..

Clogher is the place for stormy seas on the Dingle Peninsula.

Béal Bán Sea Waves ..

The rock on the horizon is Carraig Dubh, with Ballydavid Head on the right. 

Eagle's Nest Mounta..

Eagle's Nest Mountain in Killarney National Park, painted before the fires d..

Trees in Evening Li..

Trees in my own garden, as the sun was setting and casting a warm light on the t..

Dooneen, Ballydavid..

SOLD  View from above Dooneen Pier, Ballydavid, with typical Atlantic weather.

Atlantic Perpetual ..

Perpetually moving water of the Wild Atlantic Ocean, Clogher, Dingle Peninsula. ..

Atlantic Rise and F..

ORIGINAL SOLD, PRINTS AVAILABLE. Atlantic coastal crashes. Clogher, Dingle Penin..

Cool Blue

ORIGINAL SOLD.  Coastal view from near Clogher Beach, with The Tiaracht and Inis..

Blue Movement

The wild Atlantic coastline at Clogher, on the Dingle Peninsula. This painting w..


Viewed from Cosán na nEighe, the Tiaracht, one of the Blasket Island group, lies..

Flowing Tide, Feoth..

The Wild Atlantic Ocean flowing in waves towards Feothanach Beach, Ballydavid, o..

View of Mainland fr..

Original sold. A view of the West Kerry mainland while following a footpath arou..

Atlantic Splash

Big painting. Two people get close to the massive waves. A large splash moves fr..

Steamy Atlantic Spr..

Big painting of the Atlantic waves breaking on the rocks at Clogher, on the Ding..

Rushing Wave in the..

Big Painting. A breaking wave rushes forward with masses of spray flying in the ..

West Coast

Big painting of West Kerry coast near Clogher Beach, with the Tiaracht (one of t..

Stormy Ocean, Feoth..

A ferocious stormy day on Feothanach Beach, Dingle Peninsula.

Stormy Waves, Clogh..

SOLD. Stormy Atlantic Ocean at Clogher Beach, Dingle Peninsula.

Atlantic Movement

Big painting. The Atlantic Ocean waves breaking on rocks and creating foamy patt..

Blasket Islands

SOLD. Oil painting on large canvas viewing the Blasket Islands from the mainland..

Carraig Dubh (Black..

Breaking waves at Cúl Dorcha, Ballyferriter, near Wine Strand, with the Carraig ..

Rolling Wave

A breaking wave approaches Béal Bán Beach, viewed from Ballinrannig, Ballyferrit..

Breaking on the Roc..

The lively Atlantic waves crashing on the rocks and sending the spray up in the ..

Spray in the Wind a..

Wind blown spray in the evening light at Inch Beach, Dingle Peninsula.

Windy Surf Spray

The wind blows the surf from the top of a breaking wave at Inch Beach, Dingle Pe..

Blasket Islands fro..

Blasket Islands from Béal Átha, Dúnchaoin, Dingle Peninsula. Great Blasket Islan..

Sleeping Giant and ..

ORIGINAL SOLD. Viewing the Island of Inis Tuaisceart, (Sleeping Giant) with a wi..

Stormy Ocean, Clogh..

ORIGINAL SOLD. Steamy mist arises from a stormy sea, with waves crashing on the ..

Gigantic Splash at ..

A stormy sea with a massive wave splashing on the rocks at Clogher Beach, Dingle..

Crashing Wave, Clog..

ORIGINAL SOLD. On a wild and stormy day on Clogher Beach, Dingle Peninsula. Prin..

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