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Photos of Israel, including galilee, Eilat, Tel Aviv, Jaffa, Jerusalem and more.

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Timna 9

Mushroom Rock formations are typical in Timna Desert

Timna 7

Timna Desert, rock formations

The Sphinx

Sphinx of the desert, Timna

Timna 3

Colourful rock formations in Timna Desert


Timna Desert, a National Park Area.

Galilee 3

Galilee or Kinneret, with felled tree

Eilat 2

View over Eilat with Red Sea and Aqaba, Jordan in the distance

Church of Mount of ..

Near Galilee

Aqaba from Eilat 5

View over Eilat with Aqaba,Jordan in the distance

Aqaba from Eilat 4

View over Eilat towards the Jordanian town of Aqaba, which is very close to the ..

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