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Blasket Islands fro..

Great Blasket Island and Tiaracht are in this view from the mainland.

Great Blasket Islan..

Old derelict cottage on Great Blasket Island, in warm evening light. The mainlan..

West Coast

Big painting.  Rugged coastal view with Inis Tiaracht, one of the Blasket Island..

Blasket Islands fro..

Blasket Islands from Béal Átha, Dúnchaoin, Dingle Peninsula. Great Blasket Islan..

Beginish Island fro..

Beginish Island viewed from Great Blasket Island, with the mainland in the dista..

Great Blasket Islan..

View of Great Blasket Island as the evening sun drops low, viewed from Ballyicke..

On Great Blasket Is..

The island returns to nature, with remains of Island homes, sheep grazing, and t..

The Tiaracht, Blask..

ORIGINAL SOLD. From Ballyickeen, Dún Chaoín. The Tiaracht island of the Blasket ..

On Great Blasket Vi..

ORIGINAL SOLD, PRINTS AVAILABLE. On a walk round the Island with Tiaracht in the..

View from mainland ..

The coast at Dún Chaoin with Blasket Islands in view.

On Great Blasket Is..

Cliffs on the island and a view of An Tiaracht (Tearaght Island) in the distance..

On Great Blasket Is..

Cliffs on the island and a view of the Tiaracht (Tearaght Island) in the distanc..

On Great Blasket Is..

View from Great Blasket Island, viewing mainland, under patchy sunlight. 

View From An Tra Ba..

View from the Trá Bán beach on the Island looking towards Sybil Head on the main..

Great Blasket Islan..

On Great Blasket Island, with Ruin of an Island Home and the Trá Bán Beach in th..

Dunmore Head from G..

Viewing Dunquin and Dunmore Head from Great Blasket Island, off the Dingle Penin..

On Great Blasket Is..

From Great Blasket Island, Dingle Peninsula. Original oil painting

Dingle Peninsula co..

Coastal view on the Dingle Peninsula, with some of the Blasket Islands in view.

Walking the Ridge o..

Walking on the humpy ridge of Great Blasket Island and facing the mainland.

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