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Stormy Ocean, Feoth..

A ferocious stormy day on Feothanach Beach, Dingle Peninsula.A ferocious stormy ..

Stormy Waves, Clogh..

Lively Atlantic Ocean at Clogher Beach, Dingle Peninsula, with the Sleeping Gian..

Atlantic Movement

Lively Atlantic movement at Clogher Beach, Dingle Peninsula.

Stormy Ocean, Feoth..

A ferocious stormy day on Feothanach Beach, Dingle Peninsula.

Carraig Dubh (Black..

Breaking waves at Cúl Dorcha, Ballyferriter, near Wine Strand, with the Carraig ..

Carraig Dubh (Black..

Breaking waves at Cúl Dorcha, Ballyferriter, near Wine Strand, with the Carraig ..

Rolling Wave

A breaking wave approaches Béal Bán Beach, viewed from Ballinrannig, Ballyferrit..

Blasket Islands fro..

The Blasket Islands as seen from Béal Átha, Ballyickeen, Dunquin

Big Splash at Clogh..

A stormy evening at Clogher Beach, with massive splashing waves.

Blasket Islands fro..

Oil painting of view of Great Blasket Island on the left, Tiaracht in the distan..

Crashing wave at Cl..

A stormy day at Clogher Beach, with huge breaking waves.

Sleeping Giant with..

View of Inis Tuaisceart, AKA The Sleeping Giant, seen as a backdrop to the storm..

Stormy Ocean, Dingl..

Oil painting of steamy mist arising from a stormy sea near Clogher Beach, Dingle..

Windy Surf Spray

Wind blown spray from the wave tops at Inch Beach

Blasket Islands fro..

Blasket Islands from Béal Átha, Dúnchaoin, Dingle Peninsula. Great Blasket Islan..

Crashing Wave, Clog..

On a wild and stormy day on Clogher Beach, Dingle Peninsula.

Gigantic Splash at ..

A stormy sea with a massive wave splashing on the rocks at Clogher Beach, Dingle..

Sleeping Giant and ..

Viewing the Island of Inis Tuaisceart, (Sleeping Giant) with a wild and stormy s..

Spray in the Wind a..

Wind blown spray in the evening light at Inch Beach, Dingle Peninsula.

Stormy Ocean, Clogh..

Steamy mist arises from a stormy sea, with waves crashing on the rocks, at Clogh..

Windy Surf Spray

The wind blows the surf from the top of a breaking wave at Inch Beach, Dingle Pe..

Clogher Waves with ..

A young family stands enthralled at the sight of the huge waves on Clogher Beach..

Conor Pass View

From the Conor Pass road, the view across Dingle Bay with the Searrach at Kinnar..

Cuas na nEighe, Bal..

A lively sea at this beautiful spot - Cuas na nEighe, close to Clogher Beach, Ba..

Conor Pass Road

ORIGINAL SOLD BUT PRINTS AVAILABLE.  On the Conor Pass road, the winding and ..

Mount Brandon and R..

A view of Mount Brandon from Doonroe, an ancient archaeological site next to Bra..

Béal Bán, Smerwick ..

Stormy day at Béal Bán Beach

Béal Bán

View from Béal Bán Beach at High Spring Tide, with a lively sea, viewing Mount B..

Gallarus Oratory

Gallarus Oratory was probably built between the seventh and eight century. It is..

Sunset on Great Bla..

The colours of the setting sun on Great Blasket and Beginish Islands.

Beal Ban 2

On Béal Bán, one cold winter's evening, with the orange glow of the sun on Mount..

Conor Pass

View from The Conor Pass. Chalk pastels Available as a print only.

Dunquin Coast 2

View from Fahan area of Dunquin. Original SOLD. Limited edition prints available..

Conor Pass View 2

An Chonair. On the Conor Pass near Dingle. The beautiful lake,  Loch na Lice, ne..

Dunmore Head from G..

Viewing Dunquin and Dunmore Head from Great Blasket Island, off the Dingle Penin..

Painting of Conor P..

An Chonair. On the Conor Pass near Dingle viewing some of the many beautiful cor..

Couminole rocks, Du..

The rock face at Couminole Beach.

Dingle Peninsula co..

Coastal view on the Dingle Peninsula, with some of the Blasket Islands in view.

Dingle Peninsula Co..

Cuas na nEighe, with a turbulent sea and The Three Sisters in view.

Dunquin Coast 3

Dunquin pier, from where the ferries leave for the Blasket Islands, in the summe..

Mount Brandon, Dece..

Mount Brandon, snow covered, Dingle Peninsula.

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