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Evening Sunlight on..

The warm pink light of the evening winter sun, in patches with shadows on the wa..

Paphos Sunset, Kato..

Figures walk along the coastal path as the sun sets on Kato Paphos over the Medi..

Paphos Sunset, Kato..

A glowing orange sunset over the Mediterranean Sea at Paphos.

Taking Photos, Paph..

Taking photos with her mobile phone......

Paphos Castle, 1902

Paphos Castle at the harbour. It was originally a Byzantine Castle. It was built..

Tourists at Paphos ..

Tourists generally gravitate to the area around Paphos Castle at the harbour. 

Tourists at Paphos ..

Tourists gravitate to the area around Paphos Castle at the harbour enjoying the ..

Boat 1939

This tourist boat appears to have been converted to a traditional tall ship.

Watching the Paphos..

A woman sits by the coast watching the beautiful Paphos sunset.

Tombs of Kings 1497

An ancient burial ground 

St. Georges Harbour

St. Georges Harbour, Peyia.

Yachts Resting 1618

Yachts with their covers during the winter at St. George's Harbour, Peyia.

Ancient Limestone C..

These limestone rocks are to be seen in many places, apparently hewn by human ha..

Beach Rocks and Ger..

An interesting assortment of rocks on the coast of St. George, Peyia, with Geron..

Mosaic floor, Kato ..

Mosaic floor of the ancient Christian Basilica that was the original building on..

Ancient Remains, Ag..

Ancient columns and other architectural features of the original Christian Basil..

Agia Kiriaki Church..

This ancient church has undergone many transformations and renovations over the ..

Agia Kiriaki Church..

This church has its origins in the 4th century AD, and has undergone much transf..

Ancient Remains, Ka..

Some of the architectural features of early construction on the site of St. Paul..

Medieval Baths, Kat..

Medieval Baths of the Ottoman Period, Kato Paphos, Cyprus.

Church of St. Georg..

I love the style of these Cypriot churches. This one is on the coast of the vill..

Colourful Geologica..

Geological structures with amazing colours, west Cyprus.

Interesting Geologi..

Interesting coastal geological structures, St Georges Beach, Pegia.

Geronisos Island 15..

The Island of Geronisos off the coast of Pegia. The coastline here has unusual g..

Beach Rocks 1589

Unusual geological structures, west Cyprus.

Larnaca 5806

December 2016 aerial view of Larnaca, Cyprus

Cyprus 5508

 Aerial view of Cyprus.

Pervolia Sunset 810..

Near the village of Pervolia.

Pervolia Sunset 810..

Sunset near the village of Pervolia.

Kiti 0944

Some buildings in Kiti.

Pervolia Sunset 812..

On the coast near Pervolia. Pervolia is south of Larnaca.

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