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Blasket Islands 859..

Returning from my Island trip, this is a view from the boat, with Inis Vickillan..

Cathedral Rocks of ..

The Cathedral Rocks of Inis na Bró, one of the Blasket Island Group.

Inis na Bró and Tia..

On Inis Vickillane,  viewing Inis na Bró and Inis Tiaracht (Tearaght).

Inis na Bró 8496

Inis na Bró from Inis Vickillane.

Inis Tiaracht and I..

The Tiaracht (Tearacht), one of the Blasket Island Group, seen from a boat. The ..

Inis na Bró and Ini..

Inis na Bró, and Inishtearacht (inis Tiaracht, Tearacht island, An Tearacht, amo..

Inis na Bró 8600

Inis na Bró, also one of the Blasket Island group, in the shimmering light from ..

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